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"This is a sample of a testimonial. You would have your customer share an experience that they have had in doing business with you. Be sure that they mention something you did that nobody else was able to do for them. Most importantly, your testimonials must be true!" - Jane Doe

"A great testimonial can go a long way in building the reputation and security of your business. Using action words that describe how you were able to accomplish something and help them and deliver to them a wonderful product and experience, will go a long way." - Jack Doebergerson

"How hard is it to get a great testimonial? Not difficult at all.. just be sure to ask while your customer is still excited about what you did for them. Offer to meet them for a coffee or lunch, then be sure and bring a video or audio recorder. Then ask them questions and shut up!"

- Jill Bergermeister

"People love to see their quotes on your website. Once you have collected some testimonials and added them here, be sure and let your customer know the URL and exactly where it is. Then ask them to share it on social media sites like Facebook, Google plus or Twitter.." - Sam Goldwaterston

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